It is our goal to run the lowest-price overnight accommodation in Greenland, and in good and modern rooms. We hope it can succed with a little kindness and cooporation from our guests.

Tjekin from 12.00 until 15.00 and 19.00 until 20.00

Tjekout is 10.00

By checkin picture ID have to be shown.

Guests have make their own bed, and take of linen of again at departure. You always have to use sheet on the bed, either your own or a rented one.

All of the hostel is non smoking area, and all use of open fire is forbidden, included candels. It is for both yours and the other guests security and comfort.

Both maindoors is to be locked at all times, and its not allowed to let in people that arent guests at the hostel. The hostel can not be held reponsibil for the guests personel belongings, they are the guests own responsibility. Therefor keeping the doors locked is for your own and the other guests sake.

All of the shared facilities is to be used with thoughtfulness, so that the hostell is a nice place to stay for all guests. Among other things meaning, after use of kitchen, diningroom, TV-room and laundry, you have to clean op after urself right away so that the other guests can use the facilities.

Intoxicated or drunk behavior is not allowed at the hostel.

After 22.00 hour there has to be quiet at the hostel. Meaning all activities after that time has to be kept at a level so that people that want to sleep does not get disturbed.

The facilites are only for the paying guests, visits from freinds and family, dining and using TV room is only allowed after special agrement, and in off season only.